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Friday Ramble


Well, another week, y’all.

Time speeds up every day, it seems.  I saw an interview with Maggie Smith (of Downton and Harry Potter and too many other films to mention) who is now 78.  She was asked about getting older and said, “The trouble with getting older is that you eat breakfast every half hour.”  I agree, though my life isn’t moving at quite that rate, yet.  It does seem like, every time I turn around, it ‘s the weekend.

Oh well.

Speaking of the passage of time, this week, this boy turned another year older.




photo (4)


He asked for pie instead of cake.  I made two sour cream apple pies.  Somehow, we still had leftover pie today.  So, that is what some people around here ate for breakfast.  I wish that I had the camera ready when I asked them if they wanted pie for breakfast.  I didn’t know that such enthusiasm existed before 7 o’clock in the morning.  Now I know better and I also know how to achieve it — pie.  When you think about it, pie is the solution for many things.  So, Friday morning lethargy, CURED!!


Also, I want to let y’all know that World Cafe of NPR is giving away 20 mp3s of live performances from the World Cafe stage.  You might want to check it out.  There are lots of good performances — the only thing is that you have to listen and download now, because, come March, they will no longer be available.


Happy Friday, y’all!


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