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Well, Hey There!


I don’t know if we’ve met.

I’m Annie, and I used to write on this blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Just to catch up…..

I hope that y’all are having a good January and that you are not about to float away, as we here in Mississippi are.  Sometimes, I wonder if the rain will ever stop.  I know it will, but when, well, that’s the question.  My boys are hoping for snow….I think that hope will go unfulfilled.  But, I told them to hope, anyway.

Speaking of the boys, they are doing really well.  They had a great Christmas and New Year this year.  It was different for us, since we live so much closer to our families now.  It was so nice to see everyone and to get a chance to be home some, as well.

Speaking of Christmas, over the break, Charlie got a snake as a present.  (Yikes, y’all!)   He is a beautiful orange snake and his name is Robert.  So,  if we’re counting,  that’s 5 human males, a bird (male), a dog (male) and a male reptile…and me.  Someone is outnumbered.

Speaking of the outnumbered someone, I just got my hair cut.  Actually, it has been a couple of weeks.  But, the gal cut it dry (as they should do for curly hair) and I ended up with getting more off than I was planning.  It was a great thing, though, because I like it.  And, doing my hair is even easier than before — which was already like falling off a log.  Since it is already a lot shorter, I was thinking of getting it even a little shorter and doing a bob like Michelle Dockery.  What do you think?  I’m thinking, yes.  But we’ll see.  All I know is that I need to get it done B.T.J.C. (Before The Jowls Cometh).  Because, yes, they cometh (eventually, someday), and I don’t know how they’d look with a bob.

Speaking of Michelle Dockery, what do y’all think of the new season of Downton Abbey? I don’t know, yet.  I have high hopes that the writers will manage to keep a handle on the whole story.  It just seems to get sort of unwieldy,  I think.  But, they can do it, I know.  Creative people.

Speaking of creative people, I live with several.  For instance, my youngest son comes up with something new every day.  Yesterday, he got in the car after school telling me about a movie that he was going to make called Pirates Of the Classroom.  I don’t recall all of the details, but I know that it featured aliens.  He also got into the thought of having a marble tournament over the past weekend.  He handled all of it — from building the ring, to finding and naming all of the marbles…my favorite name of the bunch was Fandango.

So, that’s a little catchup ramble on what’s been going on.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a recipe for Spinach Salad with Farro, Bacon and Pecans.  So, please come back for that.

Y’all have a good Wednesday!



  1. Cute hairdo…but I’d rather see a picture of it on you!

  2. Maybe you will, Ruth. If I can find the courage to lose a couple more inches. I think I’ll do it though!

    I hope that you’re doing well. 🙂

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