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Friday Ramble

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I hope that you are all well and enjoying some of this beautiful weather.  It’s just glorious.

I’m still cleaning….crazy how quickly things add up around here.  But, I really love it when my house is clean, so there’s a payoff — fleeting though it is.

I want to share two house tours with y’all today…and to remember them for myself. ( That’s why they make the blog.)

First, there is this apartment tour of Abbey Nova, writer of the blog, Abbey Goes Design Scouting.  I really loved this tour…her living room, the use of white, the use of color, what she did with her son’s art, all of the rest of her art, I could go on and on.  But, do you know what is really funny?  When I googled for images of her apartment, I found images of her previous apartment which I also remember loving several years ago on Design*Sponge.  I didn’t remember that it had been hers, though.  Which, I guess, says something about the consistency of her style and my constance in liking it no matter where I see it.

Then, there was this before and after that was on Design*Sponge just this week.  It is a total gut rehab of a Philadelphia row house.  The owner was also the renovator and he took three years to get it where it is today.  He kept historical elements while making it really modern in sort of a rustic way.  The transformation was pretty amazing.  Anyway, you should click over just to see his bathroom.  The tub is hilarious.

I really like the blog, Kate’s Creative Space.  She has a lovely, gorgeous house which is being remodeled.  The updates on it are always interesting.  This week, I really liked reading about her winter bird feeders and the autumn tablescape and menu that she used at a recent dinner party that she hosted.  So lovely and well thought out without being fussy.  It’s a happy blog.

Time to get cracking.  Happy Friday, y’all!!

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  1. Girl, you NEED to get yourself a Pinterest account. You can quirky and easily keep track of all these design ideas.

    You don’t HAVE to get addicted! It’s a wonderful tool!!

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