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Christmas Came Early


And, no, I’m not talking about baseball.  I wish that I were talking about baseball, but I can’t, you see, since I’ve sworn off of it following the Cards’ implosion last night.

Dang, Cards, really?  I guess I’ll check on the team in the spring.  Yeesh.

Moving on.

The reason that it felt like Christmas came early today happened when I took a back way on the way to the elementary school.  We were zipping along a road underneath the water tower when, lo and behold, a 9-banded Armadillo sashayed across the road right in front of my car.  The boys who were with me in the car love, LOVE animals.  The minute they saw that armadillo the atmosphere in the car suddenly became electric.  They were big d delighted and happily discussed everything they knew about armadillos — including the Latin name, of course — all the rest of the way to school.  Seeing that armadillo made their whole week, I tell you.

I reckon that they’re not yet Mississippians if they get so excited by an armadillo sighting.  Maybe you’re finally a naturalized Mississippian when armadillos become old hat.   In that case, they might never be naturalized, because I think they could see an armadillo everyday for the rest of their lives and be really happy about it.

Today I’m grateful for armadillos and for the fact that my car brakes work.

Happy (baseball drama-free) Tuesday, y’all!!!


  1. You should bring your sons to Texas!

  2. I should do that, Ruth! Armadillos aplenty there, right? 🙂

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