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Friday Ramble


I hope that y’all are having a good Friday.  This weather is incredible.  I’d like 7 more months of it, please.

Just a few things….

First, those taquitos that I linked to yesterday will be our dinner tonight.  When I analyze our dinners I realize that about 50% of them are mexican inspired.  That is totally fine with me.  I’ll report back on the results.  All I know is that that avocado cream that goes with the taquitos looks just amazing.  Can’t wait.

Second, GO CARDS!!  Please win again and again and again and again.  I’m so glad that Wainwright got his groove back.

Third, I still love the Alabama Shakes.  Here’s I Ain’t the Same.


Also, I like The Silver Seas (formerly The Bees) Miss November.  They won’t enable embedded video of their song…but it really is worth clicking over to hear.  Just delightful.


And, Tab Benoit.  Tab, please come to Starkville.  Please.  We’re just one state over from you.

Fourth, I am now going to vacuum my house.  You know, the place that I originally referred to as a Dumpola.  Well, I’ve cleaned it up.  Jon has fixed fifty-eleven things.  And, even given the still sub-optimal bathrooms and outdoor laundry and excessively woody kitchen, I have to admit that I like it.  It feels like home.  So, dominion taken, for now.

Fifth, I’m delighted to report that the boys are happy in school.  I had some of the best reports I’ve ever had at the teachers’ conferences last week.  Feeling so grateful that everything is going the way it is.

Happy Friday, y’all!




  1. Glad that all is well with you, the house, and the kids. We miss you guys. Thinking of you because of the Cards and last year’s 6th game and your birthday. On a different note, I might try the brown butter pumpkin cupcakes with salted caramel frosting for the harvest party or just for me…thanks for the link. And thanks for the music. Go Cards!!!

  2. Hey Anne,
    We miss y’all, too. Seeing St. Louis on tv because of the Cards is great and just a little sad.

    Those cupcakes sound so good. You should take them to the harvest party. They’ll win the dessert contest!

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