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Mumford for Monday


I find myself listening to lots of music these days.  My house is quiet, since everyone is gone.  I expect that I’ll start spending more time outside when it gets cooler.  Until then I have lots to do inside. It’s not that I mind the quiet — it’s not permanent, after all.  However, Conan is completely bored with me.  He used to follow me around the house in the hopes (I think — he’s a dog, so what do I know?) that I would do something interesting.  But, no.  Now he will occasionally lift his doggy eyebrows at me as I pass through the room with yet another laundry basket and sigh, like, “Dude, there she goes again.  What is it with the baskets?”

This is Mumford and Sons.  It is called “I Will Wait for You” and is off their forthcoming album, Babel, that will be released at the end of September.

I dig it.  I also like that they didn’t get all fancy and try to not sound like themselves on their sophomore album.  So, thumbs up to that as well.

Happy Monday, y’all!


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