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A Fun Little Test


Hey, y’all, I hope that you’re having a great Monday!

If you’d like an enjoyable little challenge today, you should try this fun little test  that I saw on Apartment Therapy.  It is a color IQ test and really a lot of fun.  You should take it!  It is by the folks who own the Pantone color system.  A bunch of the commenters said that it made their eyes hurt but that wasn’t the case with me.  When you’re done with the test they score it (a 0 is the best score) and tell you where your areas of weakness are.

Overall, I got a really good score.  My only area of weakness was in seeing cool blues and violet hues.  You know, I’ve never really liked those colors all that much.  I guess that I’ve always just thought that it was a preference but now that I think of it, maybe I never liked that range of color so much because it is hard for me to distinguish.

Hmmmm….chicken or egg.  Interesting.



  1. Hey Annie, that was fun. I got a 6. Now I want to go back and see where I messed up and compare it to the correct range. Maybe this is why I did well in my Colored Gemstone grading course. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. I got a 3. I was wrestling with the last 4 spots, and by that time my eyes were pretty tired, sure enough, that’s were my errors were. I am kinda bummed I didn’t gut it out and get it right.

  3. Those are great scores, Chris and George! You should see the comments on Apartment Therapy. Lots of people scored in the teens and twenties. I got a 7. I wonder if I would have scored better if I hadn’t taken the thing after midnight on an ancient monitor….interesting, though!

  4. I scored 0! Nice to know there’s something I excel in…along with Jeff Meyers, I believe!

  5. Hey Ruth,
    That is a great score! I want to take it again and see if I can do better since I know where my weaknesses lie.

  6. Fun test, Annie 🙂 I got a 0 too. I can’t believe I did better at George — definite first for anything! I’m not sure how this matters in my life, but it was fun to see.

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