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Cleaning and Fabulous Shoes


Well, y’all, I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing and culling books like a madwoman today. There is nothing like me finding out that I have, like, 5 copies of Pilgrim’s Progress as I sorted through all the books in the basement to make me feel like my books are, perhaps, procreating on their own.  (Not to mention how uneducated and, well, lazy I feel for having 5 copies and never, once, reading any of them.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone.  I do claim to be a Presbyterian, after all.)

All I know is that my books have books.

Yikes.  It is just crazy, the number of books I have.  And, let me not fail to mention the spiders, the mold, and the dust that had me vacuuming with a bandana tied cowboy-esque across my nose.  Nothing like cleaning my basement to really cement in my mind how pitiful a housekeeper I truly am.

So, enough grody details.

What do you say that we talk about shoes?

Yes.  That’d be lovely.

As I mentioned on yesterday’s post, I found some awesome shoes at the Goodwill when I stopped in there to donate some stuffed animals and clothing.  (That Goodwill had better be glad that I’m donating my books elsewhere….they wouldn’t know what hit them…)

I had my youngest son with me.  He loves, LOVES the Goodwill.  He could stay there all day looking at the knick-knacks and what-not.  So, as he ran around with a copper fish pan on his head, I perused the shoes.

Because, you never know what you’ll find.

First, I found these.  I like them a lot.  Truthfully, I just might love them.  So much that, if they don’t bring enough on ebay, I’ll be ending the auction early and keeping them for myself.  If that happens, I’ll be needing fashion advice from any/all of you on how and what to wear them with.

Then, I found these.  Unbelievable.  These cost $300 new — and they appeared to have never been worn.  Crazy.  These are the shoes that Barbie would wear if she were a living person.  That is why I’m selling them even though they are my size.  I like odd shoes….but pink iridescent shiny patent leather….well, I don’t think that I can rock those.

Ta Da:

I’m sincerely grateful for folks who will donate unworn gorgeous shoes to a thrift store.  Bless them, truly.

And, sorry my Anna Maria Horner pillow is upside down in the picture.  As you can tell by this post…shoes and cleaning have scrambled my brain.

I hope that you’ve had a good Wednesday!!!



  1. Did you sew the Anna Maria Horner pillow? I really like it! And those shoes, with your white dress, would just the thing in some circles!

  2. I did sew that pillow. Thanks for the compliment on it. I really like Anna Maria’s fabrics. I’ve always wanted to make one of her velveteen scarves.

    It is true what you say about the shoes with my white dress. I always just go with flats with a maxi dress but have seen so many girls wearing long dresses and skirts with crazy, awesome platforms this year. I think I’ll stick with my flat sandals :).

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