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Conversations at the Goodwill


Y’all know how much I like the Goodwill.  I talk about it all the time.  I like the deals, of course, and the fun finds.  But, I also like the people.  I especially like one guy who works at the Goodwill by my son’s school.  I’ve known him for years, at this point, and he always greets me and gives me a sort of sideways hug when he sees me now.  He always has something complimentary to say about my clothes or hair or smile or something — and he actually is sincere, sweet guy.  I don’t know exactly what his disability is, but he is very friendly and polite.   I’m sure that he is a hard-working employee.

We have the best conversations.  Today, I found out that we like a bunch of the same music from the seventies.   I can’t wait to make him a mixed cd of Elvis and Skynard and Dolly Parton and some old Hank, too — I think I’ll slip the Sheepdogs on there and see if he notices.

I always enjoy hearing about his family and what he’s been up to lately.  He frequently updates me about any colds or allergies that are bothering him and what he is doing to combat the symptoms.  He seems distracted, sometimes, but will come up later and pick up the conversation like it never missed a beat.

When I was about to leave today, I told him that I’d see him next week and asked him what he’d be doing later.  He said, “Well, tonight I’ve got to go to church and get some ashes put on my head.”  I agreed with him that that was the thing to do today.  Then he said, “Yep, but I sure hope that my cat doesn’t want to lick the ashes off my head when I get home.”

I’m happy to report that I didn’t laugh out loud at that point.

And, now I know what I’m asking him when I see him next week.

I hope that y’all had a good Wednesday!



  1. That kind of friendship is such a day-brightener!

  2. I know exactly who you’re talking about. I can go for months without seeing him and he always remembers me and something we talked about previously. He is a sweetheart and has been there at least since the first time I set foot in there. 🙂

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