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A Forgotten Lunch

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I make lunches for all of the males in my household.  Yes, I know that it would be good if they made their own lunches.

1)  Because, then, they would (all) know how.  (That’s right, some already know and I still pack them a lunch, anyway.)

2)  They’d be more independent.

3)  And, then, I wouldn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to do it myself.

Oh, but the problems that would ensue, y’all.  Tiny kitchen, distracted males, school tardies, frazzled/frustrated mother….it’d be an ugly thing.

Therefore, I will continue to pack lunches….and thereby keep my sanity, sort of.

You can imagine my reaction when a lunch is forgotten.  It is sort of a ball-up-my-fists-and-stomp-my-foot kind of moment.  This little (mostly interior) outburst is immediately followed by the,  Oh, of course, he left his lunch, thought.

But, I did learn something last week when someone forgot his lunch.

You see, I had made the guilty lunch-forgetter a delicious turkey sandwich with mayo, tomato, cheese and Dijon.  The thought of sending the same sandwich the next day didn’t appeal to me — too soggy.   So, I ripped the sandwich apart, threw away the bread (remember my crummy diet?  It’s still going….) and made myself an omelet.

It was good.  Very, very good.  Do you know what really made it sing?  The Dijon.  So, I suppose that you know what is going in my cheese and turkey omelets from now on.

Try it,  you might really like it!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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