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Music Monday


Well, a belated Happy New Year to y’all!  Sorry to take off for so long…..the days since the turning of the new year have just flown.

I’ve got two things to share on this Music Monday, and, both of them have to do with a concert that I got to see last night.

As a result of a friend’s kindness, I got to see The Civil Wars.  Wow, y’all, they were really great!  I had not really heard much from them before but I really enjoyed their music.

Here, you can check them out singing their song, “Barton Hollow”.


Now,that alone was a treat, but their opening band, The Staves, was great, too. The band is comprised of three sisters from north London.  This is the first time for them to tour the United States. I feel really happy that I was able to hear them. This is a song called “Mexico” from their debut EP.  Here you can read about them in Vogue.  Fabulous!

There are some talented people in this world.

Y’all have a good Monday!!

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