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Pretty pencil shavings...also concrete proof that I'm not a millionaire since that is what I'd have to be to buy pre-sharpened. Silly gal that I am...

Well, the first day of school has officially come and gone.

And, here we are, just as I knew that we would be…I worried for no reason.  Again.  One day I’ll learn, maybe.

Anyway, for the record, J had a good first day.  The first thing he told me when I got him at school yesterday was, “Mom, they have Slurpees here in the cafeteria.”  He also told me that they had hot dogs, too.  Thus, y’all know about J’s main worry about the place, namely, there was available food.  All the normal teenage worries about clothes and acne and girls and expectations….well, he doesn’t have those.   He was probably the least stressed out person at that school yesterday.   After I pressed him for more details about his day he told me that he had played the notes that the teacher told him to play in piano class.  When I asked him about biology he told me that he liked his helper in that class because the helper “told me when the teacher is joking”.  Finally, he informed me that he really needed another notebook.  Now, some of y’all don’t know J, those of you who do know him also know that the extent of the information above is the equivalent of someone else giving like a half of an hour talk about his/her day.  So, that in itself was kind of impressive.

My other younger boys had good first days, too.  C said that the day flew by and E said that he had had a good day but not enough lunch.  I was initially concerned and was asking him what else I should send — additional fruit was my first thought — until I realized that he was just trying to wrangle another dessert from me.  That buster.

I’ve got lots more to say but instead I’m going to slay some dragons around this house.

I hope that y’all are having a good Wednesday!


  1. When you think about it, worrying for no reason is a pretty good outcome! Thankful your boys had a good first day of school.

  2. Boys in general give little information. Apparently from K and up.

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