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Missoni for the Masses


I don’t know if y’all are fans of Missoni.  Well, it has been all over the place on style blogs that they are doing one of those partnerships with Target that we’ve seen in recent years with Liberty of London and Orla Kiely — among others.

Anyway, they just released a lot of the lookbook photos on Facebook.  Lots of pretty things there — lots of hating on the clothes, too.  I laughed out loud when someone commented on one of the models looking like “Charlie Brown’s aunt”.  Yes. Well, if I get a bit of Missoni you can bet that I’ll use it in moderation.  I doubt that any real person wears as much at one time as they show on the models.

I think that I’m going to shoot for a scarf or clutch or maybe a tote…or maybe those rainboots.

No zigzag bikinis for me, though, nope on that to infinity.

Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. One cardigan, the accessories, shoes and most black and white were okay. 95% of it was super hideous.

  2. I’m kind of with you on that, Dean. The zigzag is bigger on the clothes than I think is usual. I wouldn’t personally try to pull that off. I really dig the boots, the ballerina flats, the tote, the first sweater pictured and like, nearly all the house stuff.

  3. Okay, I went back to peruse the photos again…there are some good looking sweater vests and I love, LOVE one of those glass (i guess) bowls with all the different colors swirled together. And the stationery!

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