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I Heart Abstract Art


Lately I’ve found myself looking at the paintings by Michelle Armas.

While I find all her paintings lovely, I am particularly drawn to HortenseAntoniaCapriFloat Away,  and Somewhere.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Now, I’m going to run out and buy one!

I wish.

Anyway, I was doing some visiting on some blogs the other day when I saw that Jordan of Oh Happy Day recently had a tutorial on doing your own abstract art.  Her husband is a professional artist, so, I think that her advice would be sort of helpful.

Hmmmm, very interesting.  Worth a try, perhaps?

Happy late Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I’ve never been sure what I think of abstract art. Even though I found a couple of her paintings beautiful, I just struggle with the concept of something so seemingly random and meaningless being called “art.” I know…not a very enlightened viewpoint.

    I really liked this one:

    Thanks for stretching my horizons.

  2. I sort of think the same thing, Lori, especially when I see some abstract art. I immediately think to myself, “I could do that”. I definitely don’t understand it. For instance, if you asked me which I like better, Richter’s Betty or some of his more abstract works, well, I’d pick Betty every time.

  3. The fact that the same guy made “Betty” and the abstract makes me think I should spend more time learning to appreciate the abstract stuff. I don’t know. Sometimes his abstract stuff looks like reflections of a winter scene in water. Not sure he intended that… If you think about it, both “Betty” and his abstract stuff are very modern in their own ways. Betty imitates the properties of photography and the abstract stuff is a modern movement. I should have taken art appreciation in college instead of handicrafts.

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