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Friday Tunes


Friday Tunes

Okay, I’m willing to bet that not everyone who reads my blog with dig the Black Keys. Admittedly, they do sort of fall outside of what I ususally go for, music wise. But, I do love R&B, I like some Blues….I just love how they record the instruments. Dan Auerbach’s voice is great. This is bluesy rock with a very deep vibe. Give it a listen, y’all.

Also, I must point out another music site that I really enjoy, the NPR Concert blog. You can listen to whole concerts on here. Awesome. Guess who is going to listen to the Mumford and Sons set that they recorded at Bonnaroo this year while she does her ironing today? That’s right.

Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. Brian just loaded the Black Keys on my ipod 2 nights ago, and we’re considering tickets to Mumford and Sons coming up – girl, you know how to stay on top of music like a New Yorker!!!

  2. Now THAT’S my kind of music. Guitars sounded like older Eric Clapton – kinda Cream-ish.

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