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Surfer Blood Is So Yummy


Surfer Blood Is So Yummy
well, their music is, anyway.

Y’all might remember that I mentioned liking the band Surfer Blood in January. Well, they recently did a Live Session at HearYa and I have to say that I like these versions of their songs even better. They just strip back some of the extra noise and I have to say that it only improves their music. This is what they’d sound like at a concert — it would be a great show.

So far, I’m really liking Swim (it is such an addictive little tune) and Fast Jabroni. I’m sure that they’re all great — just haven’t had a chance to give them all a listen yet.

How to define them? Well, Hear Ya says punk inspired indie rock. Yes. That description rings true. It would be even more descriptive to tell y’all that they remind me of the Clash with a good dose of the Smiths thrown in there. Jon also says he hears the Mighty Lemon Drops, too. There are several free mp3s at HearYa — so get on over there if this sort of music floats your boat.

And, have a happy Wednesday!


  1. I didn’t mean to say “Lemonheads” – I meant to say “The Mighty Lemon Drops” sorry about that.

  2. Thanks. Fixed it. 🙂

  3. Oooh, sounds great! I will have to take a listen!

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