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The Things Kids Say


The Things Kids Say
Do you ever feel like your life is sort of like a stand-up comedy bit? This morning I did, as I drove my 3 youngest sons and a brother and sister pair to school.

First, the children got to talking about eye color. The lone little girl in the car was evaluating the color of my youngest son’s eyes. For the record, his eyes are mega blue, but they must have looked different in the morning light because she said, “Well, your eyes look sort of blue and sort of green. Oh, I know, they’re nasal.” Nasal instead of hazel. What a hoot!

Then, we were passing by Grant’s Farm and they all got to debating the name for the moose that we were seeing. Son #3 was busy telling us all about how they were moose when #4 decided that they were something else, “I think that those are CarryBoo. Yep, definitely CarryBoo!”

We had just dropped my #3 son at school when my #4 son started reminiscing about the storm that we experienced on Saturday. That storm had quite an impact on him. He asked me, “Mom, do you remember that storm from the other day? All of the thunder and lightning and rain. Oh, and all that quail.” I asked him, “Honey, did you just say quail?” Yes. He did. I should have corrected him but was too busy imagining what it would have looked like if quail had been pelting down out of the sky instead of hail.

Finally, after we got back home, #4 son was trying to give one of his treasures to a little friend who came over to play this morning. She wasn’t interested (I don’t really blame her — most of his “treasures” are picked up off the side of the road.) He told her, “Please, take this treasure. You must. I exist.” I told him that yes, he did exist but that insist was the word here.

I should send these in to Reader’s Digest for the funny page. That is, if Reader’s Digest still insists — I mean exists.

Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. LOL…what an adventure!

  2. I think the quail-storm might look kind of like that scene in Magnolia with the frogs.

  3. Ed, I think you’re right. It would look like the frogs in Magnolia — only possibly more scary from the mass standpoint.

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