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Pure Randomness


Pure Randomness
Forgive me, y’all, for this randomness, but it is Friday of Vacation Bible School week and my house looks like a tornado hit and I’m tired and did I mention that it looks like a tornado hit, etc.

So, of no particular importance and in no particular order:

— Jon and I have been watching Mad Men lately. Usually I don’t have dreams that I can trace to reality, however, the other night I dreamt about doing some abstract painting and also about spending my last 2 dollars on the *perfect* red lipstick. It was sort of a good dream because I would like to be a painter of any kind and the red lipstick part wasn’t so bad — just not accurate for me. I’d be more likely to spend my last 2 dollars on a cup of coffee or something like that. I’m glad that it wasn’t a dream about having to wear a girdle. No, wait, that would be a nightmare. Perhaps too much Mad Men viewing?

— My youngest son divests himself of pants at the first opportunity. You know how some people kick off shoes when coming home? For him it is shoes closely followed by pants. And that, dear readers, is evidence of how far an apple can fall from his genetic tree, since his father loves wearing clothes and cannot truly think well unless his feet are in shoes. So it is amusing. I suppose having a laid-back mother who has let him vacillate between pjs and a swimsuit all summer long hasn’t helped.

— I have observed that the size of my fiction reading pile on my nightstand is directly proportional to how Annie is doing emotionally. Right now, I would need a yardstick to measure it properly.

Why? I don’t know why it is, but late July is the time of the year when my courage just ebbs away. It doesn’t make sense, since this summer, when compared to past summers, has really been more tolerable, emotionally speaking. So why my optimism is flagging right now…..I just don’t know. And I’m not talking about little o optimism but Big O optimism. Maybe I shouldn’t try to figure it out and instead just omit late July from my calendar altogether. Somehow I don’t think that would help.

— I have been having the most yummy sandwich every day this week for lunch. It is my twist on the classic egg and olive. Instead of boiling eggs (they are stinky, I am lazy) I mayo some toast, put a bunch of chopped olives on one side and slide a freshly scrambled egg inside as filling. So it is a hot sandwich that takes 2 minutes to make and fills me up without stinking up the house. Score. Delicious.

I must clear away the debris from the indoor tornado.
Onward, right?

Have a good weekend, everybody!


  1. Dear Annie,
    Your courage wanes because you are human and because you have an awful lot on your plate (egg/olive sandwich besides!). I am so often encouraged by your courage and optimism. God does indeed use you beautifully in the midst of your unusual circumstances. Not only as you minister to your wonderful family, but also to those of us who know and love you. However, as you share your weakness with us, this too is encouraging. “Wow, Annie is human after all!” comes to mind. It also prompts us to the reality of how difficult things can really be, as you hide it or handle it all so very, very well. So we are then more diligent to pray for you and Jon and those lovely boys of yours. Thanks for the honesty so I can have the privilege of upholding you in prayer a bit more rigorously. So, you see, feeling weak or strong, your a blessing all the same!

  2. I love my scrambled egg sandwich… with tomato. I will definitely be trying the olive thing. Hey you have a vaca coming your way. When you bet to B-ham you can wave good bye and go do whatever you want. Maybe that will up size the O.

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