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Water. Everywhere.


Water. Everywhere.
So, last night, in the midst of yet another deluge I turned to Jon and said, “Any chance you have any spare Gopher wood laying around?”

Jon laughed and then said, “I bet if we did have this for forty days and nights that J wouldn’t be quiet for the entire time.”

That’s probably true. J (our oldest son) hates rain. He despises storms.

Now, on the surface, this doesn’t make much sense. He loves water in the shower. At a lake or river or pool he will only come above water to catch another breath before going under again. Truly.

There is just something about rain and storms. But, in the same way that I cannot hold back the rain, I cannot make J see that this is all not a big deal. The logic and reality of storms has been talked to death around here. And I don’t think that all that explaining has made a dent.

So we basically just wait for the storm to end. Sometimes it is hard, but that is what you have to do with things as uncontrollable as the weather and a human being who is set against rain no matter what others may say.

As Jon and I heard yet another moan drift up from J following a lightning flash we just looked at each other and shrugged. This too shall pass.

And Noah thought that he had it bad.


  1. I can imagine heightened senses would make a thunder storm unbearable. We use ear plugs A LOT, that might help. Or move to sunny CA where we don’t have a drop of wet stuff for 10 months straight! Hoping for the rain to pass!

    Hey, saw Bella last week also and was pleasantly surprised. Also loved that song, thanks for posting it so I could hear it again.

  2. Animators Wife, you’re right, it probably is the heightened senses. At least it is that, in part. I think that it is also that J relates big storms with loss of power and therefore the inability to play the computer/watch tv/do all of his favorite things.

    And it is funny that you mentioned how seldom it rains there — that was one of the solutions that he came up with when we were talking about weather. He thought that we should move where this wouldn’t happen. 🙂

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