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Well, Hi There


Well, Hi There
and sorry to be absent here for so long. It isn’t that I haven’t got a few things to say, recipes to post and a quilt to blog about. There is all of that. But I haven’t been able to blog about those things because something grievous has happened in the life of the Barlows.

Our Miss Liz is gone.

She meant so much to us and we loved her so dearly that it is utterly impossible for me to articulate all of the ways that we will miss her, now.

All I can say it she was a precious little Glaswegian who
loved her dad and loved Scotland.
She LOVED my boys.
She followed the Cardinals and always wore White Shoulders.
She loved purple and pink.
And she vacuumed her shag carpet to make it fluffy for the boys to sit on.
She was incredibly sentimental but made room for new stuff in her life —
like old school rap and southerners with crazy boys from next door.
She went to every baptism, and play, and graduation.
She loved fast food and gave my children a life-long love of Pringles.
She made me realize the tiny things that were wonderful about my boys — things I might have missed without her.
And there is so much more.

The day I met her was a great day.
And I’m really glad that the Almighty lined that up.
Even though we’re sad now.

At her funeral there were several songs. I don’t know that she chose the music. Judging by the style, I’m guessing that she didn’t. During one of the songs, I was sitting there thinking about her when I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. It was my youngest. He was very studiously playing his air guitar along with the music.

She would have loved that.


  1. I’m sorry for your loss. This is such a sweet remembrance and tribute to your dear friend. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry for ya’ll. I know she was dear to several PRPC families throughout the years. Love and prayers…

  3. I’m so sorry you all lost Miss Liz. I enjoyed reading your tribute.

    Haven’t been much to the blog-world in *forever* … but saw your profile pic on facebook, so I bounced on over to your profile then over here. Hope you all have been doing well and are looking forward to summer.

    Had to tell you… we looked into Miriam and thought we really had something going (great fit, etc.). Then the day visit happened (cue scary music). They called by 9:30 to have us come pick him up because it wasn’t going to work out. Putting it nicely, he “required too much 1:1 time.” I was glad to have a firm answer anyway. “NO” was better than “MAYBE” or “YES but FORK OVER LOTSA $$$.”

    =) Take care!

  4. Renae,
    Sorry that Miriam didn’t work out for y’all. I, too, liked that they just told us straight up and didn’t draw it out.

    Hope that y’all are doing well.

  5. Catching up on your blog and have just read this post about Miss Liz’s passing. You and Jon have written so much about her over the years that you made me love her, too, so this brought tears to my eyes. The way you described the special relationship she had with your family has been a little gift of a lovely thing. Thank you…and I’m sorry for your loss.

  6. Thanks, Valerie! Miss Liz was one in a million. I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed reading about her over the years.

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