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I Really Like


I Really Like
this quilt. The lady who made it also has a fabric shop with lots of pretty, pretty stuff.

I like to dream about doing a quilt. So far, I’ve done nothing in pursuing the actual doing — unless you count lots of fabric browsing. Maybe I’ll just stick to that.


  1. oh annie, it is so so pretty. i bet you’ll get your quilt done- maybe not until e finishes highschool, but i bet you’ll get to do one 🙂 and i know that if you do, if will be stunning 🙂

  2. The little old ladies at at the church where I work quilt together every week. Some men in the church built the wooden quilting frames they work on. There are about 4 faithful, and 2 – 4 stragglers. Their quilts are sold as fundraisers for church functions, and they make small ones for the pastor to give to families in need that she comes into contact with. I think it is a neat ministry for these ladies, and it is great to see an old handicraft continuing on.

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