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My Weird Mind


My Weird Mind
Have you ever thought of something once while doing something and then, ever after, had that same thought while doing that same thing? I’ll explain. When I was in Alabama earlier this summer, I was putting on some concealer (shocking, I know) and I had this crazy thought that I was putting on war paint, you know, like an Native American, for example. I don’t know why I thought that. So now, whenever I put on concealer, I feel like I’m putting on my war paint again. Who knows why minds work this way? Maybe it’s like an earworm song. Sometimes if I have one of those stuck in my head and I make myself sing it aloud it stops repeating in my head. So what’s the solution here? I know, next time I’m putting on concealer I’ll just let out a war whoop or two. Maybe that’ll take care of it.

I think that my sanity is slipping.


  1. I’ve had the war paint thought before too. But only every now and then. I wear concealer all the time though because I don’t have your great skin, so it is just part of my routine and I don’t usually think about what I’m doing. I also think every now and then that it is like football players putting those black stripes under their eyes. The things we do for beauty!

  2. I have the memory thing happen when I:

    -shave my legs
    -tweeze my eyebrows
    -dry my hair

    All hair-related. Why am I so bizarre, I think?

    There are specific people that come to mind for each of those things, and I can’t figure out why, because the girl I think of when I shave my legs was from back in high school. I think of a former co-worker when I tweeze.

    But the best one is when I dry my hair… I think of when I was in the hospital with our 1st newborn. My mom said her head turned toward me while I was drying my hair, then it occurred to me that it made sense because I dried my hair every morning before work while I was pregnant.

    I hung up a new shower curtain that I found over at Goodwill recently… I now see that it looks very like your stripey side bar. So now I’m trying to decide which colors to highlight through repainting the bathroom.

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