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The Frog Song


The Frog Song
Please go hear my son sing — it is on Jon’s blog. He has been singing this song for like a month and I finally recorded him the other night. It is such a hoot. The original version of the song (a take-off of I Heard it Through the Grapevine) can be seen in the film Meet the Robinsons that is coming out in March. You can see the original here. Sing along with J. That boy has got soul.


  1. Annie, that’s great! J’s got some groove. I know a few theatre patrons who need to listen to this on repeat for a few hours…

  2. That is just so cute. Your right that sweet baby definitely has soul. J just keeps on amazing me…

  3. Annie,
    I’m finally able to listen to this. Incredible! He is so talented….seriously, that’s amazing!

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