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Hope Child


Hope Child
Okay, here’s a song for your Thursday. It is called Hope Child from the band Free Energy.

There is a free mp3 of the song at HearYa so skeddaddle on over there and get one if you like the song.

Happy Thursday, y’all!


  1. hey girl, I have been offline for 9 very long days. Our computer is still in the shop, and we tried the old one and…yes, it works…but no exclamation points available on it. So, besides not being able to use those little guys, cause I use them A LOT, I am pumped. I am so glad you are putting up music, exclamation point. You and Jon have introduced us to so much good stuff. We are huge fans of Vampire Weekend and didn’t even know about them til Jon and No.2 boy played it on his blog. Anyway, I haven’t listened to the music yet, but I can’t wait…well take care, exclamation point

  2. Kathleen, girl, you are cracking me up with your comment (exclamation point)! 🙂 I hope that your computer is fixed soon. Mine was down earlier this spring and I truly missed the thing. Take care.

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