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There’s a Nutter in My Kitchen


There’s a Nutter in My Kitchen
Unfortunately, I am she.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Sorry I was missing here for over a week. My computer has had issues with getting on the internet lately because of its antenna. I think that is what it was. I know nothing about computers. My man handles all that. Whatever was broken has now been fixed. Cue the rejoicing.

I probably wouldn’t have had time to blog anyway this week because I’ve been some cooking. More cooking than I usually do because we had a birthday and then I also did some baking for a school auction. Usually I don’t even think about what I’ve cooked lately and I definitely don’t make lists about it — but last night I started trying to remember all that I had made this week. Then I wrote it down because it was so crazy. Nuts, truly.

Send help, y’all, an intervention might be needed.

red velvet cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream
2 loaves rustic white bread
baked potato soup
chocolate cake layers
tropical carrot cake layers
chocolate chunk muffins
tropical carrot cake layers, again (Dog ate first ones. I briefly wished him dead. Then I stomped around for awhile. Then I thought that I was over it and realized that I wasn’t. Then I yelled some more.)
cajun chicken pasta
cajun chicken sandwiches with grilled peppers and onions
mexican rice
corn cake
pico de gallo
grilled chicken/cheese quesadillas
2 sour cream apple pies
coconut cream cheese frosting
dark chocolate sour cream frosting
chocolate curls
tomato soup — total bomb, I threw it out
homemade pizza, homemade cheese sticks
wine sauce
carrots and potatoes
spinach pecan rice

See the nuttiness? I’m glad I recorded this craziness for posterity’s sake.

And may I have the sense to not be in the kitchen so much next week.

Have a good Sunday, everybody!


  1. i am tired just reading all of that!

    i was going to make my own list because i actually cooked for the first time in over a week today, but your list makes mine look very very sad. i am extremely impressed and also a little bit mad at conan on your behalf. i cannot believe he ate your cakes! at my house, there would be no more dog after that- and you know it’s true, because there is no more dog at my house anyway 😉

  2. How in the world do you not weigh 550 pounds?? Wow. I’m impressed.

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