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What Accent?


What Accent?
I began this school year driving carpool in the mornings. It was no big thing, I didn’t mind doing it. Along with my four boys (only 2 of whom were being delivered to school) I was also driving a little brother/sister pair that we know from church. I think that they are in 3rd and 1st grade, respectively. But, after a few weeks, Jon said that he’d like to drive carpool in the morning and so I let him.

Really, who would turn down the fun of being able to continue to wear pjs and drink an extra cup of coffee? Not me.

One day a week or so ago, my #2 son said that, as he was riding home with the brother and sister, their mom said that they had been missing me driving them to school in the morning.

What? I don’t remember being particularly entertaining or anything like that. So I was wondering to myself what they were missing, exactly, except possibly that I let them listen to Kung Fu Fighting everyday on the way there.

It all became clear when #2 questioned them….

#2: So you miss my mom?

Little boy: uh-huh.

Little girl (enthusiastically, 2 octaves up): Oh, yeah. She talks like a COW-boy!!!!

What a hoot! I love it. Cowboy…Southerner… know.


  1. That is hilarious all those years in St. Louis… and you still have your accent.

  2. That’s a riot, especially considering this sibling pair lives with another kind of accent.

  3. Jennifer, that’s what I thought. 🙂

  4. Luz told me about this, it was really funny.

    You mean Filipino accent or midwest accent?

    I don’t notice My wife’s accent that much. But when I am with her family I do. The most peculiar thing about Filipinos is that they almost always confuse he and she (they will he instead of she and vice-versa). The explanation I have heard is that the Tagalog language doesn’t have separate words for he or she. It’s a bit of a strange phenomenon and I have noticed it with almost all Filipinos that I have talked with for any length of time. Fortunately the kids don’t do this. Yet!

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