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Ask a Silly Question….

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Ask a Silly Question….
Sometimes I can be quite silly. It’s probably more often than sometimes, actually. I do crazy dances, I ask silly questions. Usually my boys play along with me, unless they are embarrassed (like my second son who always implores me to turn down my music when dropping him off at school) or grumpy/tired (like my youngest was tonight when I snuggled with him in his bed).

Me: I love you. Did you know that?
(He usually thinks that this statement is funny because, duh, of course he knows that I love him. Tonight it wasn’t funny because somebody was too sleepy.)
Him: Yea-uh. Some doggies wike sausages.

And then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Now that I’m done keeping it real here with the minutia of my life, I’m off to bed to wonder about the OPC (Other People’s Crazy) that I have to deal with and read about vampires.

‘Night, y’all.

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  1. I like so much hearing about the funny little things your boys do. . .

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