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More Quotes from J


More Quotes from J
I really should explain more about my oldest son, J, sometime. Because, I’m sure that anyone reading this who doesn’t know him in person would read some of the things that he says (or writes) and think…..well, I don’t know what they would think.

Maybe I’ll write more about him someday. Just so people will understand. Moving on.

Today, J and I were in the van waiting for my youngest to get out of pre-k. J is always hungry. So he asked for a snack. I told him that he needed to get his hands clean before I would dole out a snack. Usually his reply to this would be, “Okay”, or he would wordlessly hold out a hand for the purell. Not today.

Today he said (with a really funny accent from who knows where), “Sanitize the royal hands, my Queen!”

I don’t know when I became the queen — I do know that other moms in the carpool lane looked in my direction when I started laughing like a crazy person.

I have a feeling that he and I will be laughing in cars for a long time to come.


  1. Your stories always make me grin.

  2. Very sweet! You’re a queen and you don’t even know when it happened.

    And on a related note: what did moms used to do before giving a snack in the car…before there was purell?? We use it about 6 times a day.

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