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The Jacket Progresses


The Jacket Progresses
Well, some of you may have seen a week or so ago when I said that I wanted to make a jacket like this one. Well, despite my lack of garment making skills, it is coming along okay. And it has even taught me something about my sons. What has it taught me about them? Well, during the jacket construction, I worked and worked getting the ruffle right, and then when I had succeeded, I got all distracted with my victory and couldn’t even put my thoughts together. I wonder if this distraction of mine feels anything like their distraction. Probably not. But it is enlightening, anyway.

Happy Thursday. And come back soon for a little announcement about something new in my life.

**My sister read this post and then called me with her heart racing — she thought that my announcement had to do with me expecting another child. (Sorry Dean, didn’t mean to stress you out.) Alas, that is not what this is about. It’s about my new business — which is boring, compared with a baby, but it is my baby, sort of, except that it’ll hopefully make money for me instead of taking all of mine and I’m fairly certain that it’ll let me sleep through the night and won’t wear diapers for four years.

So, business, yes. Progeny, no. And that is the way it has to be.


  1. On a completely unrelated note: I saw you’re brave enough to admit to reading dooce. I never could.

  2. Yep. I’m just keeping it real here. Dooce makes me feel better because her daughter with ocd helps me feel okay about my folks with the same affliction. And she is funny.

  3. Annie, I would have wondered the same as your sister!

    Can’t wait to hear about the business and see you sportin’ your jacket! You’ll find it very satisfying, I suspect.

  4. I confess the thought of progeny crossed my mind ever so briefly, but I kept thinking, “No, can’t be.”

    A new business is exciting, though. Now I am trying to figure out which one of your talents you decided would be the best one to commercialize.

  5. Good for you! (on keeping it real)

    I just went through the most popular blogs and noticed that there are no male versions of Dooce or Mighty Girl out there. All the popular guy blogs are tech or cars or something.

  6. You have certainly raised my curiosity. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure.

  7. I’ll admit I wondered about the pregnancy question too!

    Can’t wait to hear about the latest project.


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