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So, last night, Jon and I played a game of Scrabble with our two middle boys, N9 and C7. C7 was on my team. He is such a funny little boy. Most of the time, he would either be rearranging letters before I had a chance to figure out what we were doing or giving me many, many smooches. He is a very passionate little boy. He is also a very detached little boy. I could describe his interesting personality all day. Anyway, during one of these bouts of kissing while Jon and N9 were taking their turn at Scrabble, I remarked to C7 that I hoped that he wasn’t contagious — since I was getting all of his sweet kisses. “Contagious?”, he said. He mulled it over for a minute before saying, “What does contag-you mean?”

I’m sure that he would have asked me the meaning of contag-we, contag-me, and contag-them had we not all been consumed by laughter.
He is far from ordinary, that is for sure.

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