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Art Project


Art Project

art project

This is an art project that Jon put up in our den/playroom. He found a cool photo of three Yellow-Shafted Flickers (otherwise known as Yellowhammers). He then did some computer mojo on it and presto, art. It looks so great and brings lots of color to the wall. So, if you like it, you know what you have to do. Find a great photo, apply mojo with your computer, get some colored paper that you like and then print and hang it up.


  1. That is awesome. Jon is too talented.

  2. For those who asked me about the computer mojo, go to this site:

    It does the rasterizing of the image, but your eye for cropping the image, and finding the right image, is up to you. It took quite a few attempts to create an image that would look good.

  3. What a pair the two of you make…quite the creative duo! It’s stunning!

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