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My Handy Husband

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My Handy Husband
You know, I think that my own lack of ability to fix mechanical things make me appreciate my husband even more. He doesn’t think that it is a big deal when he installs a new toilet, hooks up all kinds of electronics, and fixes DVD players. And, I don’t think that it is false modesty on his part. He really thinks that anyone could fix all of the stuff that he knows how to fix. The reason for this is that he just has a vast reservoir of mechanical knowledge and know-how that he can’t even recognize because it is a part of him. But, I think that it is a very big deal. Last night, he put a new motor in our DVD player. This is major because we will have no drama from the children today concerning a non-working player *and* we will not have to find the money to buy a new one.

Handy husbands reduce stress and reduce expenditures, too. I highly recommend having one around. 🙂

One Comment

  1. you’ve been busy! so i’m not sure you’ll get this comment from three posts back! but i was going to say that it seems like that is so often true that we think our gifts are no big deal and everyone has them. on the other hand, we think our faults are ours alone and no one could possibly be as weak (or fill in the blank) as we are. kind of sad. but i can totally back you up; i don’t know many people who can fix DVD players or install toilets. that’s pretty impressive. i bet they miss him over here at Gulf- george has to hire everything out!

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