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Happy Birthday,


Happy Birthday,
Michael Gambon!
I really hope that you have a good day.
And I hope that you get lots of presents, namely, some books.
And I really hope that you READ them.
And, I hope that, after reading, you are really convicted about what a pitiful job you did portraying Dumbledore.
And I hope that you get your act together for this next movie, if you have the time.
That’d be great. It is not too late to redeem yourself.
Happy Birthday, again.


  1. Ouch.

    Maybe *that’s* where Jon heard the “finger sizzle.”

  2. I think that he totally messed up the 4th movie. The director was also insane to let him portray Dumbledore like someone who was about to come unhinged. Why has he not read the books? Why?

  3. Well, apart from that, I *know* the director was on drugs because, in the final scene where all should have been explained, viewers were given no explanation at all for what happened in the wand duel between Harry and Voldemort. The appearance of the dead was left completely mysterious.


  4. I, on the other hand, was a wonderful Dumbledore at the Fall party.

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