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Some Links For Y’all


Some Links For Y’all
I rarely like T-shirts, for me, but these are really cool.

This has a name that I do not really like, but, as far as I’m concerned, it is magical for the skin of babies.

Speaking of babies, this is a great book for them. There are some really creative people in this world.

I’m going to try the recipe for this soon. It looks scrumptious. Breakfast food and apples, mmmmm.

Also, I wanted to remind you that the finale to Project Runway is Wednesday, 10/18. I’ve already looked at the collections online…and I think it is still anyone’s game. But, I will say that Uli might just win– or Jeffrey, if he is still in it.


  1. Hey Annie! I am checking blogs for the first time in four weeks I think. I have to agree with you about Bordeaux’s as it is somehow a miraculous and instant healer, though it is unfortunate about the name. Also, I wish I had read a couple of days ago. Monday is a busy class day for George so we went apple picking on Tuesday, his day off. We printed out the $1 off coupon from the website, but when we got there, it said “free admission. come on in.” I am wondering if it was because it was so rainy on Monday. But if it stays yucky this week, maybe try tomorrow or Friday. The orchard was muddy, but most of it was avoidable. The pumpkin patch was just too muddy and they wouldn’t even drive us down there. They have plenty in the yard to pick from though.I guess you could call and ask if it’s free before you go. Wish I’d known you were wanting to go, I would’ve called you from the farm!

  2. I really like that baby food books. It would be great Christmas presents. The apple pancake looks very yummy. I still want to try your southern gal biscuits. Joanie H

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