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Today Was a Monday


Today Was a Monday

I know, I’m really with it to know that today is Monday. Ha. Actually, today was a Monday-ugh. Ever have one of those? So, since I immediately knew that today was a Monday-ugh and that I’m going to get slammed with stuff to do tomorrow (on Tuesday) I decided to take the day off. By 6:45, as I sat on the playroom floor and let the dog out through the door that my 2 year old accidently broke on my head last week, I had decided that today was a mental health day. Now, nobody feel sorry for dear Jonathan, he was not called upon to help me on my day off. And, actually, I did all my usual stuff, sort of. Still changed diapers. Still washed dishes. Still helped with homework. Still returned phone calls. But I just did it because I wanted to instead of the other (wrong) attitude of feeling like I had to do stuff that I sort of didn’t want to do. You know?

I learned a few things on my day off. They are not that interesting, but here you go:
1) I really enjoy finding the to-do lists ofhigh school seniors in the book that I check out from the library. Been there and done those things on that list. Being reminded of stuff you’ve already done is very refreshing. Wahoo.
2) For the thrifty and casual: Old Navy has women’s t-shirts (v-neck and crewneck, longsleeved) on sale for 3 for 20 bucks. And the colors are great, in my opinion.
3) For the thrifty and caffeine needy: McDonald’s will give you a free cup of coffee every Monday this month. So, if you find yourself needing a cup…and it happens to be a Monday in September, then get over there for some.

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