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My dress is too big
I must cut it down
I wonder if I’ll wear it?

The baby woke up
At the crack of the dawn
I don’t know if I can hack it.

This poem is short
and really quite dumb
but I thought that I would share it.


  1. Can you tell that I’m sleep deprived?

  2. Annie,
    Feeling your frustration Cuz. It is still early in the day so I am hoping that maybe with time that your day will somehow get better. Maybe E will take a nap for you and you can get a little rest. love Martha

  3. No electrical outlets working in my office or kitchen. I’m brewing coffee, making toast and typing on my computer via one tiny corner of electricity. Would someone please start making life more convenient for us moms…..please!

  4. Your a poet and don’t know it!

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