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Pancakes, anyone?


Pancakes, anyone?
Just wanted all of y’all to know that tomorrow, Shrove Tuesday, is also national pancake day. To celebrate, IHOP is giving each guest a free short stack of pancakes from 7am-2pm. I think that you can choose to donate some money to a charity, if you choose, but you don’t have to. Free pancakes with no strings attached. Mmmmmm.


  1. I am so bummed that I saw this tonight rather than last night. Maybe next year…

  2. Someone in our church did “donut day” yesterday, which apparently is a traditional “fat Tuesday” observance among some. They made 300+ donuts and invited anyone to drop in from afternoon through evening. I guess it started as a way to clear out all the butter, sugar, oil, fat, etc. in prep. for Lent. I ate alot of donuts yesterday, but now what do I do with all the excess left at MY house?

  3. annie, what’s you’re e-mail?

  4. Hey, Weez, sent you an email, girl. Take care! 🙂



  6. thanks, april! 🙂 that lady makes me laugh.

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