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Made me squall, in a good way…


Made me squall, in a good way…
I *LOVE* this story. Look at this video even if you don’t usually take the time to do that sort of thing. Happiness with tears is my favorite emotion. 🙂


  1. Tears of joy! What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. *hug* Oh, Ann! Thanks!

  3. I’ve watched various versions at least four times now and blubbered at every one. It isn’t just the “extraordinary moment for a special needs kid” thing that’s so powerful, but the sheer joy of the people who love Jason and delighted in his success. It isn’t a “Rudoloph” story with folks who depised a misfit until he did something extraordinary, but about folks with an affection that simply expressed itself in proportion to the glory of the moment.

  4. Exactly, Valerie. My son’s teacher said that the kids in the video reminded her of his classmates. They really treat him the same way. That is why it was so hard to pull him out of school. I took him back for a visit today and he was mobbed and hugged and loved. They were so excited to see him. 🙂

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