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Laurel, of the Lone Xylophone, tagged me with that meme that I’ve seen all over blogdom. Here goes:

Four Jobs I Have Had:
VISTA volunteer
receptionist at a chicken processing plant
office assistant at MSU library
assistant to a professor at the Engineering Research Center, Starkville

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
Don’t know if I could watch anything over and over, but I really like the Royal Tenenbaums. And I liked Cannery Row a lot. Rushmore was good. And I love Pixar movies. The Iron Giant was great too.

Four Magazines that I enjoy:
Real Simple
Cook’s Illustrated

Four Places I Have Lived:
Russellville, Alabama
Starkville, Mississippi
St. Louis, Missouri
Fourth place to be determined soon, I hope šŸ™‚

Four TV Shows I Watch:
Project Runway

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation:
Highlands, NC
Taos, NM
Oberamagou, Germany

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
my blogroll
beautiful feet, to see that baby girl
barlowfarms, of course

Four Favorite Foods:
bread and butter
fresh fruit and olives
dark chocolate

Four Places Iā€™d Like To Be Right Now:
A sunny beach
A mountain cabin

I would tag other bloggers, but I think that I’m the last person in blogland to do this meme.
Have a good day, y’all. šŸ™‚


  1. Anne, Ed and I spent part of our honeymoon in Highlands, NC. It is a great place, isn’t it?!

  2. Oh, that is where we honeymooned, as well. I just love it there. I’d love to go back someday!

  3. you can totally come and stay with me and betsy anytime that you want to!! we live a 30 minute train ride from grand central station.

  4. Annie,
    There is a place in highlands that charges a mere 100 bucks a night for a house that sleeps 12, the only catch is you have to be a christian and clean up after your self. It’s called “panther point” and you can see the web site here.

    Cammie and I are meeting Jer and Rachel and heading over there in a couple of weeks. Ya’ll should visit there sometime.

  5. I’ll have to find out about that place in Highlands. I would LOVE to go back there someday — preferably without my boys. Just me and Jon. That would be fabulous.

    And, Juli, if I’m ever in New York again (soon), I’ll definitely look y’all up. That is so cool to live up there. Fun.

  6. fancy two chapmans commenting on the same post out of all of the blogs in the world and people in the world to post… that is really something special.

    Ya’ll should come down south sometime again we don’t live far from MSU, ya’ll could come visit and we can catch up on things!


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