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Homemade Ice Cream


Homemade Ice Cream

isn’t something I’ve ever made. Not that I don’t love homemade ice cream — because I do love it. Guess I’ve just never had all the equipment.

Then I read some cookbooks by David Lebowitz.

And, though I still don’t have an ice cream maker, I am making ice cream. This recipe is so easy, though, that I think calling the labor so far required as “making” might be taking it a little far.

The recipe called for whizzing milk, bittersweet chocolate, pureed bananas, and Irish Creme Liquor in the food processor and freezing it. There’s no cranking or rock salt or rolling a can involved.

I’ve not had it yet because it’s still firming up in the freezer but I’m thinking that with those ingredients that it couldn’t really be bad.

I’ll let y’all know tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I thought of you last night, as I made Quick Chicken Skillet Dinner from Threemanycooks (May 19). I know the blog from your recommendation, and loved this easy, one pan recipe. My changes were to use Conecuh for the sausage and 1/2 tsp. garam masala for the turmeric, since I didn’t have that spice. It was really delicious.

    Thanks for all of your food sharing. I love everything I’ve ever made at your recommendation.

  2. Oh, Fittsy, I’m glad to have your recommendation on that Chicken Skillet Dinner recipe. I was thinking of trying that and now I know that I will — since you’ve said it was good. 🙂 Did you use the saffron?

    In my experience, all Pam Anderson recipes are great.

  3. This one doesn’t have saffron. I think this is a streamlined version of a recipe from one of her books, and possibly that one does?

    I’m planning to make the strawberry pie at the bay next week. Have you tried it yet? Stephen LOVES strawberry pie, and I think this one may be a great version!

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