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First day of school, whew. You just never know, do you, on the first day of school. Sort of feels like standing on the edge of a forest to me…..don’t know what is in it. How will the trip through it go? What will you learn along the way? My anxiety about it all is just doubled or tripled when it comes to my first son. Could he go to the bathroom at school and not come back for half an hour? Quite possible. Will he ask his new teacher if she is an old woman? Maybe. I hope that all is well……


  1. I felt the same way everytime my first son went to school. He did get distracted and say off the wall things to the teacher. This is partly why I am homeschooling him now. I’ve been homeschooling for two years.

  2. Homeschooling isn’t an option for him, right now. School is just so helpful in his learning to generalize his social skills. I also think that school just helps him to “live in the real world” a little…though, to be honest, the school he goes to is so great….I wish that the real world was more like it. But, I think that I might be up to homeschooling him sometime in the future if it would be helpful to him.

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