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Soldier of Frosting


Soldier of Frosting
We had a birthday in the family over the weekend. So, I took some time out to make cake. I had help with the frosting.

Notice the choice of headgear.

In this photo we have E doing what Miss Liz would call “a little far-away look”. He does that look a lot.

As you can tell, he was having no fun at all licking this frosting.

The cake turned out okay, thanks to the sprinkles.

How is it possible that my baby is 12?


  1. Yes, how is that possible!?!?!

  2. Great photo. Did he blow out all the candles?

  3. Thanks, Bobber. I think that J had to go back for the last two candles.

  4. happy late birthday James!

  5. They grow up too fast. At least as I look back it seems fast. Your boys are so creative. No need to buy expensive toys. Just look around the house. Joanie

  6. Yeah. I remember when he was a roly poly baby. Time flies when you’re having
    fun 😉

  7. Wow! I don’t know how it happens, but They do get older FAST! I remember you bringing J as a newborn down into the Benton’s basement for our talks with Pam. That seems like many lifetimes ago, and yet like yesterday. I now have one in high school! We must be getting older or something. But I’m not so sure about the wise part.
    Nice cake! 🙂

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