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So, Yesterday I Crashed a Seadoo


So, Yesterday I Crashed a Seadoo
Yet another thing to add to the list of dumb things that I’ve done. Man, is that a LONG list. Thankfully, no one was hurt — except the Seadoo. And, it only got a little damage to the fiberglass.

After spending yesterday on the creek and the day before that at the pool, I have like 10,000 more freckles — and that was while using 60 SPF. Leopards don’t change their spots but freckled girls do.


  1. so how is it that you will wear a swimsuit but not shorts? and how is it that you crashed a seadoo? or, really, into what did you crash this seadoo? 🙂

  2. Oh, Abby, I really dislike wearing a swimsuit. Most of the time, I wear a pareo over my suit. Actually, dislike is really too gentle a word for what I feel about wearing a swimsuit. But, when at a river with only my family around, I make an exception.

    And, I crashed the seadoo into a new pier. The pier had an exposed metal beams underneath and I had the misfortune of cutting the motor — unfortunately, the power steering went with it — and drifting into the corner of the pier.

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