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So, What Did Y’all Think?


So, What Did Y’all Think?
Who saw Mansfield Park last night? I thought it was okay. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t blow me away. And it differed from the book — of course, it had to given time constraints. Most of the time, I have to admit that I was distracted. Why? Because every scene that contained Edmund(click and scroll down) made me start wondering if he was a long-lost Hogue relation.


  1. Annie,
    Thanks so much for turning me on to this series! I wasn’t blown away by this adaptation of MP either but I have looked forward to each new installment on Sunday nights. My hubby bought me a copy of Leithart’s “Miniatures & Morals” when he was in Moscow, ID for presbytery last fall— it sat on my night stand until this series, but I have LOVED reading Leithart’s chapter on the book portrayed in the week following that episode. I highly recommend his book to you and any other Jane Austen fans!

  2. Hi CAmom,
    Thanks so much for reminding me about Leithart’s book. I read it last year and really enjoyed it as well. And, now that you mention it, I think that it is time for a reread.

  3. Hi Annie, it could’ve been worse. MP is my favorite Austen, and now I see ever nit to pick as you did with Persuasion. They’re working with 90 minutes, and I can take that into account. There were some bad things though: I liked the actress as an actress, but she wasn’t Fanny who was a physically delicate girl in the book but stout and upright in conduct. She was badly miscast IMO and acted too much the child. And, again, it was very choppy, and I would imagine confusing, to someone who hadn’t read the book. But they did a decent job of pulling out the comparisons between Fanny’s goodness and Maria/Julia’s appearance of it. And I was distracted by Edmund’s obviously hair-dryer blown out hair 🙂

  4. I liked some of what they did with the story and thought the actress who played Mary was excellent. However, I was so distracted by the actress who played Fanny (especially her dark eyebrows) and Edmund’s hair, it was difficult to pay attention. She did act way too childish and I know that Fanny wasn’t supposed to look that great, but this actress really bothered me– sort of toothy and too silly for serious, moral Fanny. I actually prefer the Fanny as portrayed in that recent horrible theatrical release to this. If we could somehow combine the two and get rid of the offensive parts from each, then I think we might have a decent adaptation!

  5. It was okay. The thing I liked most was that it made me remember the book. I thought the actress who played Fanny did not portray her well. I thought Mary did a good job though. There was too much physical contact (lots of hugs) for Austen.

  6. i agree with dawn. it certainly could NOT have been worse. i actually turned it off. but we were taping it. so then when i saw that annie say she thought it was ok i decided to give it another chance. but again, i have just left the room with thirty minutes left, something i never do, because i cannot bear it and george, who has never read the book, says i am ruining it for him. well, i have been saying things like “why don’t we just make up a story and call it mansfield park!” and “hey, fanny and mr. crawford can join a club for people who don’t use combs!” ugh! i mean, exactly what y’all have all said, fanny could not have been cast worse. the book makes a point out of how neat her hair is pulled back in more than one place and here she is with bedhead and buckteeth that are SO distracting! and her personality is all off. and the story is all off. it always bothers me when they make things up for movies that could be just as easily done as the book. for example, was fanny’s ball a picnic? did i really read as carelessly as that? i don’t remember anything about a picnic. anyway, sorry for the long rant, but i thought it was a million times worse than even Persuasion. oh yeah, and what anne said about the way too much touching. totally. and they were all calling each other by their “Christian names.” i think it is an insult to the audience’s intelligence like we don’t know how different things were then.

  7. Thanks, Ann (I think!) 🙂

    Kathleen was pretty disappointed with this Mansfield Park. She said that the actor who played Fanny didn’t seem to fit the part. I don’t see how anyone can do a suitable adaptation of any of Austen’s books in only an hour and a half. It seems like one needs three to four hours minimum!

  8. Joseph,
    That was totally a compliment to your family. 🙂 Jon and I both couldn’t get over it….we thought he looked most like Michael.

    And you’re right about the time issue. An hour and a half is not enough.

  9. hey girl. Edmund was my favorite part of the whole movie! MP is my favorite Austin book, so it was fun to watch, but it was “nothing to me” compared to the book. And I just finished reading Persuasion. It was so so good, and I finished it too quickly. I always hate it when I’m done. I just read today’s post and am laughing!

  10. Dawn, I’m glad to know you’ve been watching Austen lately. Hint, hint. 😉

    I watched the MP trailer without sound this morning and didn’t like Fanny. You have to get Fanny right to get any part of MP right. Of course you’ve gotta cut to fit 90 minutes, but if you cut out the heart, you’ve failed.

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