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First Speaking Part for #1


First Speaking Part for #1
Take a guess at who filmed this. Yep. Jon was walking E around and so it was left up to me….problem was that I was so nervous that the filming is very poor. Usually even I do better than this. I love the little hand motion that he does when he is finished. Also, that little boy who told J that he did a good job when he got back to his spot on the riser. Children who are kind and helpful to J go in my personal hall of fame.


  1. How proud you must be and kudos to those students who have taken J under their wings. All parents need to have those encouragements when they are raising their children. Joanie

  2. Okay, I got tears in my eyes when I watched this – I love the hand thing too!

  3. It’s too bad that Miss Liz doesn’t check your blog. Thanks for sharing the video. It made me cry for joy.

  4. Oh Annie… I know you and Jon must be so proud. I can’t believe how big our oldest ones are getting. Katherine will be 10 in January. They grow up so fast. Martha

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