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What’s Going On?


What’s Going On?
Not much. I’m frying chicken, making a slipcover for an old couch, thinking about packing, thinking about NEVER taking the dear sons to a fabric store again, trying not to go crazy, trying to smile at the sons that are trying to take away my sanity. What are you doing on this hot day?


  1. I painted my hall caramel.

    I helped my children and niece and nephew paint pictures.

    I did a lot of laundry.

    I ate some m&ms.

    I sprayed my shower with tilex.

    I ran five miles.

    I ironed.

    I made hamburgers for dinner and drank a glass of red wine.

    I almost lost my mind yesterday, not today, so that is good.

    I would never take my kids to the fabric store again either. It is hard enough taking children to the grocery store. It’s crazy, actually. Why do we do this to ourselves? They revolt against us.


  2. Whoa. Rachel, you totally rock. I can’t imagine doing all that in one day. Especially the running 5 miles part. 🙂 You are right. Taking children to the fabric store is an excercise in frustration. Why do we do this to ourselves, indeed.

    I should have better sense.

  3. Inquiring minds would like to know what is it about the fabric store that causes havoc? I have not taken the little man there yet but he does have an affinity for gingham…and any living animal that moves…and anything that will fit into his mouth, etc.

  4. Going to help a friend build a giant rabbit cage in her basement.

    Going to give the chickens yogurt and sour cream that’s gone bad.

    Going to finish the pillow I started to make yesterday.

    Going to get off the computer right now and get those things done okay now I’m going, just one more blog, okay now I’m done, and really I’m going, just one more second…..

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