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The Tiny Pessimist in My Optimist Self Thought It’d Never Happen…


The Tiny Pessimist in My Optimist Self Thought It’d Never Happen…
…but it has come to pass that the boys will have a new school, that long-suffering Spurgeon will finally have a yard, that my dear husband will be able to remove the hat of “Super” from his head, and that our family will have a house to call our own. And, all of this will happen soon. I’m feeling kind of numb…but really happy, too. Ever feel like you’ve been hit over the head with blessings? That is how I feel right now. Rejoice with me!


  1. How exciting! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. I’m so happy for you! Praise the Lord! When should we go out to celebrate?

  3. Yeah!!! You deserve some sort of award for living in the same 2B/1Ba apt for so long. We should throw you a roast with an awards ceremony in which you are dubbed the Queen of Small Space Dwellings or something or other.
    We heard a bit of this news from talking to someone at church last night. Has the other part of the deal happenened too so we can rejoice with other people too?

  4. Well, now that I know this is here, I would feel so remiss not saying congratulations–isn’t God good? Denise

  5. Praise God! When will the Barlow Band be moving?

  6. We can “call” it our own, but we are still just renters at present 😉

  7. Yep. I’m “calling” it mine. 🙂

  8. That is so exciting! Jeremy was reading a post from your hubby aloud to me and so I came to check your blog. I can’t wait to hear all about your transition. I know it will be a great time for you all. We rejoice with you!

  9. Horray!! I’ve prayed for y’all in the last few days. God is good and gracious.


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