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4 down, 2 to go


4 down, 2 to go
Jon has succumbed to the virus. The baby and I are yet to be affected. We shall see. I hope that we either get it tomorrow, or don’t get it at all. A few weeks ago, we planned a tiny little family trip for this weekend, and I will be very disapointed if we do not get to go. So hopefully, hopefully, hopefully all will go well. Hopefully everyone will feel better soon and those not sick will stay well. In the meantime, I’ll still be walking around in flip-flops instead of my usual wool clogs, and I’ll continue to give much thought to making a holster for the lysol can that I seem to always have in my hand. This is when I hate my apartment. Usually, I kind of like it. But when you have multiple sick people along with some well ones, a 2 bedroom apartment just isn’t big enough. This is just temporary, as soon as we’re well, I’ll be back to liking (or at least not hating) it again.

Enough of this complaining. I hope that you and yours are faring much better than we are at the moment.


  1. As for missing a vacation because of sickness I have a little story for you…
    Jeremy and I got a sitter for two nights so we could go to a bed and breakfast before this baby comes. We had a nice little date the first night, but in the morning Jeremy woke up with some severe abdominal pain. We called a Dr friend and he said to go straight to the ER because it could be any number of things. It ended up being his appendix and he had surgery later that evening. So we spent our whole romantic getaway in the ER. Bummer. I hope your vacation is unaffected by your family sickness!

  2. Oh, Brandy, I just got back to cyberland and read this. I’m so, so sorry that your vacation worked out like that! What a major bummer. I hope that Jeremy is feeling better.

  3. He is feeling much better. Although it was a real bummer to spend our date in the ER, it was a blessing to have a sitter so that I could stay with Jeremy. I am glad that you were able to enjoy your vacation!

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