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I’m back. Thank you, everyone, for praying for my Dad. He is better, but still in ICU. I’ll do a big, long post later. Right now, I have to get the baby ready to go to the doctor. He has a bad cold and I want to get him evaluated. Take care and have a good Friday.


  1. *hug* I’m glad everything’s ok. I’m also glad you could be there with him. Seems like Jon’s missed you a lot, though. 😉

  2. Praying for Baby Eli as well…

  3. we’re so glad you’re home and that your dad is doing better. I know all the family is so thankful. we know there’s a ways to go, so we’ll be praying still. And poor Eli, I hope he’s better real soon. Is he wheezing? That can be scary. Well take care dear annie! I am thinking of you girl!

  4. Eli is doing much better. He has an ear infection (his first) and his top incisors are coming in. He is getting breathing treatments for his chest congestion, and those are really helping. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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