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Chop, Chop


Today I had my hair cut.





The crazy, curly mane has left the building, y’all! (Well, technically it is still in the building, I guess. Just the shorter version.)

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday! It’s so blustery here that I’ve been thinking of Winnie the Pooh all day.

Also, this song, “One More Day”,by the Wood Brothers, is stuck in my head for some reason.

I like it.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. so glad you’re back here! I always love your recipes, so I can’t wait to try the pumpkin cake and pasta! (Do you make the chocolate pumpkin cake from abby’s blog (oct 5, 2007)? It’s delicious on its own, as a bundt or as a layer cake with a boiled caramel icing.)

    I like your new ‘do too! It looks stacked in the back, which I think suits curls perfectly.


    • Thanks for the compliment on my hair! I’m still getting used to it.

      I’m going to look up Abby’s recipe. Pumpkin + chocolate= awesome.


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